One Page Gem

By now you realize that having a website is not an option.  It’s expected.  But that doesn’t mean you need to spend this year and next year’s advertising budget on your website.  SiteRipe realizes that many small businesses want to start with a basic, yet appealing, search engine optimized site. That’s why we’re introducing the “One Page Gem”.  It will do everything you need it to do—at a fraction of the cost of multipage website.

The One Page Gem is a perfect solution for any small business looking for a first website.  We’ll help you every step of the way.  We’ll even assist you in choosing your domain name.  There has never been an easier, quicker or more affordable way to take advantage of the online advertising medium that allows you 24/7/365 exposure.  Your website will work for you nonstop—representing your business to the world.

What will a One Page Gem mean to you? We will optimize your website code that customers and prospects will find your site when they search for what your business offers. They’ll learn about your company.  They will be able to contact you.  Think of the one page gem is a lean, mean, lead generating machine!  

We’ll design it, host it, and optimize it for search engines all for $475. That’s the total price. Compare that to the price of an ad in the newspaper for one day. We’ll meet in person or by phone for 30 minutes and within three business days your site will be ready for prime-time! Now admit it, isn’t this the perfect advertising and marketing solution you were looking for? Find out why so many small businesses have turned to SiteRipe Web Solutions, a Southern New Jersey full service web design firm.